9 Tips To Get Your Digital Product Sales to Take Off

9 Tips To Get Your Digital Product Sales to Take Off

Now that you have digital products listed on 1kolo.me, you want to make some sales right? Well, the first thing you need to know is that sales don’t just happen, at least not when you’re just starting out. Making sales online will require some active involvement on your part. The good news is, it’s totally doable and you could be getting your first dozens of sales in the next few days! So here are a few useful tips for you to start making money fast.

1. Polish your branding.

Branding yourself gives you the power to control the initial perception people have of you. If you make a good first impression, it is always good for business. For the creator that you are, branding starts with having beautiful and professional-looking pictures on your 1kolo.me profile, and on all your social media accounts.

2. Start with Family and Friends

Charity begins at home, and so do sales! If you are an artist, chances are, your first and greatest fans are your family and friends and even those who don’t like what you do will feel duty-bound to support you. So give them a chance. Think about all those relatives, friends, and former classmates scattered all over the world: share your product links with them and ask them to buy, leave a review and even share with their own friends. Send them occasional reminders if they forget to take action. If you do this diligently, you could be raking in your first 20-50 digital sales in less than no time.

3. Work on your Product Description

Many vendors initially try to skip this section and finally reluctantly enter bits of information to quickly get to upload their product. However, if you really want to sell your digital product, it is very important to describe it in an accurate and enticing manner that will make strangers want to buy it. Use smart keywords that speak to your audience and potential buyers. If you are a music artist, remember to provide all due credits and specify the genre (Afro-jazz, R&B, soul, gospel, rap/hip-hop, bikutsi, rock, etc. If you sell audio teachings and training, describe what the product talks about and what the buyer will learn from it.

4. Create Striking Cover Art

The cover picture for your digital product should make a random person visiting the website to stop and check out your product. Make it stand out enough among others and it will improve your chances of getting your product discovered by potential shoppers who don’t know you yet. If you are not ready to spend for cover design right now and you need a simple but good-looking cover art for your project, you can go to canva.com and design from a template in the “CD cover” category. It’s totally free of charge!

5. Sell in Bundles

If you already have several products on the marketplace, in addition to selling them individually you can also (ask us to) create purchase bundles that enable buyers to get them at a lower price. Everyone loves to save money. When customers know that they will get more products at a cheaper price, they are more motivated to buy. So you may be selling the individual product cheaper, but at the end of the day, you make more money because you sell more.

6. Use Strategic Discounts

Everyone loves discounts and since you can change your prices at any time on 1kolo.me, give your customers a treat every now and then. You can run time-limited sales during certain seasons which you can announce to your fan list. Take advantage of feast days and holidays. If you are a music artist, you can discount some of your love songs on Valentine’s Day or why not offer some free tracks every now and then. This could boost sales tremendously.

7. Leverage your YouTube videos

Posting YouTube videos can be very helpful to advertise your art, especially music and teachings. While people can watch the video for free, don’t give the audio track for free. Make sure you include your product link in the description of the matching youtube video so that people who loved the video can also buy the audio track. You can do this with any kind of file that has a related YouTube video.

8. Be relentless on Social Media

Share your author page and product links on all your social media accounts and pages at least once a week. An average person now spends about 2hrs 20min on social media a day. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to market your products. For better results, share your links with beautiful pictures of yourself or your product cover art.

9. Be Determined

Be determined to put in the work until the sales start coming in. Also, be patient when they seem to delay. Some of history’s greatest commercial hits happened with products that had initially gotten little to no attention. If you believe in the quality and value of your product, keep pushing it. That’s it! Now go make some dinero! Happy selling!

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