I Saw Heaven: The Chronicles of My Raptures

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Pierre Ngnangock – I Saw Heaven: The Chronicles of My Raptures

The principal assignment the Lord Jesus gave the Church when He left the earth was to be a witness for Him in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. In other words, He expects the Church to present and represent Him in the world as creation earnestly yearns for and awaits the manifestation of God’s worthy ambassadors. But how can we effectively present and represent someone we have never met personally? Of course, you will say the Bible is written to reveal the face of God to us. This is absolutely true. But it is one thing to encounter God by faith at the new birth and subsequently, through Word studies and prayer. However, there is another type of encounter called the epiphany: the visible manifestation of the hidden face of God.

Reverend Pierre is a Jesus lover who has been serving God from his teenage years. He has been a full-time minister of the Gospel for over 20 years. As a conference speaker and facilitator, he has travelled all around the world to proclaim the living oracles of the Living God. Together with his wife Béatrice, he founded ALFANAOMI (All Families and Nations Outreach Ministries) and today, the ministry has branches in Cameroon, in the West and in the Middle-East. Reverend Pierre and Béatrice Ngnangock have been happily married for 17 years with five kids.

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