Gateway To the Miraculous

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Pierre Ngnangock – Gateway To the Miraculous

In our walk with God, we always have a moment of real questioning, questioning of oneself and of the ecclesiastical system in which we find ourselves. This challenge is usually accompanied by a deep inner unease and total dissatisfaction with all that we have seen so far. This is an invitation of the Holy Spirit for you to go up a little higher on the mountain of God. It is at this crossroad that the choice is made: either to tell ourselves the truth that allows us to cross the line and enter the NEW, or lie to ourselves and simply become a religious person who is disillusioned by life’s questions.

Are you tired of a Christian routine, without life nor power? Do you hunger and thirst for a new dimension with God? Are you tired of seeing the Church so powerless before life circumstances? Do you wonder, like many others, who bewitched the Church to be so far from the biblical pattern? Then, this book is for you! It provides biblical keys to unlocking the miraculous and experiencing our life with God the way He intended it.


Reverend Pierre is a Jesus lover who has been serving God from his teenage years. He has been a full-time minister of the Gospel for over 20 years. As a conference speaker and facilitator, he has travelled all around the world to proclaim the living oracles of the Living God. Together with his wife Béatrice, he founded ALFANAOMI (All Families and Nations Outreach Ministries) and today, the ministry has branches in Cameroon, in the West and in the Middle-East.

Reverend Pierre and Béatrice Ngnangock have been happily married for 17 years with five kids.

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