Elements of Foundation: Paradigm Shifts for Failure-Proof Ministry

in , by Yvan Amatagana

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Author – Yvan Amatagana

Some of the issues discussed in this 3-hour audio teaching:

  • The danger of doctrinal excesses and the importance of doctrinal soberness
  • Deliverance from the pride of knowledge
  • The distinction between doctrinal knowledge and the knowledge of God
  • The false concept of new or exclusive knowledge
  • How the blessing of the prophetic ministry has been turned to a curse
  • The unhealthy monetization of ministry fatherhood
  • The cure to carnality and self-aggrandizement in ministry
  • The proper role and jurisdiction of the apostolic and prophetic ministries
  • The biblical basis for the unity of the Body of Christ
  • Mindset changes required for Christ-honoring ministry
  • And so much more!
Note: the focus of this session was NOT doctrine, and so there are a few things I say without giving Bible reference. In particular, my statements on the content of the apostolic ministry and on the concept of spiritual “fatherhood” are not substantiated with Scripture in this session, but I have covered them with sufficient scriptural backing in other teachings which most of the people present on that day were already familiar with. In any case, if you have a question, you can message me via this website and I will be happy to give you my best answers or send you a resource that already covers the issue.

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