Decoding Your Purpose – Dr E Paul Mbuagbor

in , by Dr E. Paul Mbuagbor

About the book

In this book, Dr. Paul vividly elucidates What Purpose is, Who you are, Where you are coming from, What you have to do here, What you are expected to do here, How to know your Purpose and How to fulfill it.

He explicates that Purpose is the only cause of living without which, life is just an existence void of meaning, impact, function, and relevance. In a nutshell, purpose is like the intention of a parcel sent. You do not celebrate the parceling paper more than the gift or content of the parcel. This is the same way in which many of us are celebrating life more than the reason for which we are living. You will discover in this book that The Power of Purpose is the generator or the principal motivator behind any manifestation, thought and change.

About the author

Dr E. Paul Mbuagbor is an International Leadership Facilitator and Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, Business consultant, Conference and Motivational speaker. Every year he is solicited by Government leaders, Companies, Churches, Secular Organizations and State Institutions, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, University Lecturers and diverse Associations. He is a kingdom coach and mentor to influencers of change.

Dr Paul is the Founder and Chancellor of GLODNAS Higher Institute and also the Vice-President of Landmark International University. He is the Founding President of Royal World, “GLODNAS” and GLODNAS Leadership Institute, International Agency for National Advancement, National Transformative Forum, HOPE Africa Initiative, World Leadership Federation-Kingdom Leadership Network. Amongst others. He is also the Senior Pastor of Four-Face Centre. He also authored ‘‘The Ultimate kingdom’’, “Effective Leadership”, “Decoding your Purpose”, “Dare to fulfill your Dreams” amongst others. He is married to Kuna Lesley Mbuagbor and they are blessed with Shiloh Gimollah, Shalom Samuel and Mareh Oth.

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