Sell Downloads, Online Courses and Movie Streams

Sell & manage your digital products:
music, ebooks, audios, photos,
courses, or anything downloadable.

Buyers pay via MOBILE MONEY or OM.

Distribute your files, courses and movies in three easy steps

Publish your files

Publish your files easily via your seller dashboard or submit your courses and movies for publication. Set a price or distribute for free. You’re the boss.

Promote your links

Send your links to all your audience, personal contacts, and potential buyers on WhatsApp, social media, etc. 

Receive your earnings

Receive your earnings weekly in your MoMo or OM account once they reach CFA3,000. Or receive digital hugs for your free downloads.


You can use our platform for free to distribute/sell only single files. Pay a one-time fee below to unlock amazing features. There are no monthly or annual fees. You pay once and for all.


5000 0.00 CFA
  • Sell single files only
  • Maximum file size: 25MB
  • You get 80% per sale
  • Total storage: 200MB
  • "Pay what you want" option
  • Host and sell online courses
  • Host and sell movie streams


10000 5000 CFA
  • Sell single files and albums
  • Maximum file size: 150MB
  • You get 80% per sale
  • Total storage: 2GB
  • "Pay what you want" option
  • Host and sell online courses
  • Host and sell movie streams


15000 CFA
  • Unlimited products
  • Maximum file size: 1GB
  • You get up to 85% per sale
  • Total storage: 10GB
  • Host and sell movie streams
  • Host and sell online courses



I started using 1kolo in 2020, this is the first online platform I have used that sells my products and pays into my mobile money account. I find that very convenient. Earlier in 2020 I faced a few difficulties getting into my account and purchasing products, mostly because I have never used a platform like that but the procedures for purchasing products have been simplified and the experience is great.


Mon Bébé

6 reasons 1kolo is your best choice

A platform you can trust

Stable. Reliable. Easy to use for you and your buyers.

Created to promote you

You can earn more and receive more love from your audience thanks to our flexible purchase options.

Make local and global impact

Serve your local buyers via and make international sales with

You can sell any digital product

Not just music. Sell anything downloadable, like ePub ebooks, graphics, audio messages, etc., as well as online courses.

Easy payouts

We send your sales money monthly or weekly via MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money or any other method you indicate.

Earn up to 90% on every sale

And there's no monthly or annual fee. You only pay a small one-time fee to unlock amazing features.
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